Design Process



The questionnaire gives me a good idea of where you are right now, where you’re headed, and the goals you have for your website

Strategy Call

A more in depth phone call or meeting to get to you know personally and professionally. I'll go over the questionnaire and set goals for your website.

Site Map

A detailed plan and layout for your website, what content needs to be included, and how we’re going to direct your website visitors.

Wire Frame

A wireframe is a blueprint of your homepage (and other approved pages, as well). This is essentially the sketch of the flow within the site and where visitors need to go.

Style Tile

A style tile is a collection of design assets to be used on your new website. Think about an interior designer - they show up to determine wall color, flooring, furniture, etc. I'm doing the same thing for a website.

Mock Up

Once the wire frame and style tile are complete, I will build out a graphic mockup of your website, one we can tweak and fine tune.



Site Development

Once design assets have been approved and finalized, I start crafting your new website in one of my testing environments. I utilize modern web design tools and best practices when building your new site.

Edits & Testing

Once your website is built in our testing environment, I go through an editing process with you and prepare the website for launch. I'll test the site on modern web browsers and make sure your new website looks and works great on tablet and mobile devices.


IT'S HERE! Your new website and launched and ready to be viewed by everyone. I'll ensure your website is maintained, secured and hosted for you through one of my care and security plans. I'm also here for any needs as your business continues to grow.

Let's work together.